Yacht Rental Dubai

Yacht Charter Dubai

Dubai is famous for contemporary sightseeing attractions, world-class dining, nightlife options, beautiful beaches, and yacht rentals. It is no wonder why so many come every year to relax and unwind and choose to charter a private yacht.

Booking a yacht in Dubai is very simple, choose a yacht or boat, set the number of persons, choose the date and time of your trip, add extra services if you would like, and pay with your favorite payment method. Get your yacht booking confirmation within minutes!

Featured Boats and yachts Rental in Dubai

Toot Fun Yacht Charter Dubai Packages for events, special occasions, or just a fun day at sea.

Experience deep sea fishing in Dubai. Whether you are a fishing expert or this is your first time our experienced crew is happy to assist you to get a great catch and have a memorable journey.

All our yachts and boats are fully equipped to provide the best deep sea fishing experience in Dubai.

Why Yacht Rental Dubai?

A private yacht charter in Dubai will allow you to explore the surrounding areas as they are meant to be seen – by the water. One of the key areas to explore by yacht in Dubai is the Dubai Marina area, famous for its luxurious lifestyle, entertainment options, shopping malls, and luxury skyscrapers.

Another amazing area to rent a yacht in is Jumeirah, the location of two essential landmarks that simply cannot be missed: Burj Al Arab, considered to be the best hotel in the world, and Palm Jumeirah, the most famous human-made island on the planet.

Without a doubt, no trip to Dubai will be complete without witnessing Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, chartering a yacht in Business Bay would give you a whole new experience of the area.

In conclusion, there are so many landmarks and attractions in Dubai, which is what makes it the ideal destination for yachting and water activities.

We invite you to browse through hundreds of Toot Fun Yachts charters perfect for sailing in Dubai and choose the dream boat rental or yacht charter for your nautical adventure. Our team is here to make sure you will be making the best out of your time on the water.

About Toot Fun Yachts

Toot Fun Yachts is a yacht rental and boat charter company in Dubai. We’ve got the best boats for hire & yacht rental in Dubai.

Our main goal is to provide a simple and easy way for our customers to plan and book water activities in UAE.

We designed our online platform to be friendly and easy to use, and our booking process is simple and seamless.

Now anyone can plan and book a Yacht Trip in a few minutes.