Popular Yacht Rental Activities In Dubai:

VIP yacht rental in Dubai - Luxury Yacht Charter

5,000 AED / Hour

5,000 AED / Hour

2,500 AED / Hour

Premium yacht rental in Dubai

549 AED / Hour

649 AED

749 AED / Hour

949 AED

1,499 AED / Hour

Everything you need to know about luxury yacht rental in Dubai

Yacht rental in Dubai is a must-try experience that blends luxury, adventure, and stunning views. Dubai’s magnificent coastline, modern marinas, and lavish lifestyle make it the perfect destination for yacht enthusiasts worldwide. With various yacht rental options, visitors can enjoy adventure, luxury, and comfort while taking in the city’s iconic landmarks, such as the Burj Al Arab and the Palm Jumeirah. So, book your yacht in Dubai today and start an exhilarating adventure that will leave you feeling invigorated and thrilled.

Standard yacht rental in dubai

499 AED / Hour

649 AED /Hour

799 AED

449 AED / Hour

599 AED

yacht rental in dubai For Every Occasion

1,499 AED

2,399 AED

1,799 AED

Easy Booking Process: How To Rent A Yacht In Dubai

The process of renting a yacht in Dubai is simple: choose the yacht or boat you want, define the number of guests, pick the day and time of your liking, add any additional services you want, and pay using your preferred payment option. Get confirmation within minutes for your yacht charter!

Additional Services You Can Add During Your Yacht Booking:

  • Cake
  • Mix Fruits Platter
  • Decorations & Balloons
  • Flower Bouquet
  • Watersports
  • Catering (Mix Grill & Seafood)

Top Yacht Charter Destinations In Dubai

Dubai is a top destination for yacht rental, offering breathtaking views and luxurious experiences. Here are the most popular yacht rental destinations in Dubai:

  1. Dubai Marina
  2. Ain Dubai (Dubai Eye)
  3. Palm Jumeirah
  4. Burj Al Arab
  5. Dubai Water Canal
  6. Burj Khalifa

From the largest human-made marina to the world’s tallest building, yacht rental in Dubai is the perfect opportunity to explore Dubai’s stunning coastline and iconic landmarks.


Yachts & Boats Rental Prices In Dubai:​

Renting a yacht or boat in Dubai can cost anything from 349 AED per hour to almost 15,000 AED per hour, depending on:

  1. Types of Yacht or Boat: Boat, Mini yacht, Luxury yacht, or Superyacht.
  2. Size of Yacht or boat: from 34 ft. up to 250 ft.
  3. Yacht or boat capacity and number of rooms.
  4. Extra amenities onboard, like a swimming pool or a jacuzzi.
  5. Additional services like decorations, cake, onboard meals, and others.
  6. Whether the yacht is part of a package or an offer.

Here are some examples of yacht rental prices in Dubai:

The cost of renting a yacht or boat is often indicated in Dirham (AED) per hour.

Each booking page contains all the necessary trip information.

If you are looking to rent a yacht for a whole day, you can Contact Us.

Types Of Private Yacht Rental In Dubai:

If you’re looking to rent a yacht or boat in Dubai, here are the different types available for you to choose from:

  1. Speed Boats: Speed boats are the perfect choice for those who love a thrilling ride on the water. These boats are small and agile, with powerful engines that can reach high speeds. They are ideal for short trips and can accommodate small groups of people.
  2. Mini Yachts: If you’re looking for a more intimate experience on the water, a mini yacht might be the perfect choice for you. These yachts are slightly larger than speed boats but still offer a cozy and intimate experience. They are perfect for small groups and can accommodate up to 10 people.
  3. Standard Yachts: Standard yachts, also known as motor yachts, are a popular choice for those who want a comfortable and luxurious experience on the water. These yachts are perfect for longer trips and can accommodate larger groups of people. They come equipped with all the necessary amenities, including bedrooms, bathrooms, and a kitchen.
  4. Luxury Yachts: For those who want to experience the ultimate luxury on the water, a luxury yacht is the perfect choice. These yachts are designed for maximum comfort and elegance, with spacious interiors and top-of-the-line amenities. They are perfect for hosting special events, such as weddings or corporate functions.
  5. Super Yachts: If you’re looking for the ultimate yacht experience, a super yacht is the way to go. These yachts are the epitome of luxury and can accommodate large groups of people. They come equipped with every imaginable amenity, including a swimming pool, helipad, and multiple decks.

Yacht Hire In Dubai Tips

Are you ready to embark on an unforgettable yacht rental experience in Dubai? Keep these insider tips in mind to make the most of your trip and have a great time:

  • Take a Dip: Before 6 pm, take a refreshing swim in the warm waters of the Arabian Gulf. Just remember to pack your swimming wear to make a splash in style.
  • Ditch the Shoes: Experience the soft texture of the yacht’s deck under your feet and ditch the shoes. Wearing sandals or going barefoot is a great way to connect with the sea.
  • Book Ahead: Don’t let last-minute planning ruin your dream yacht rental. Book in advance to secure the perfect yacht for your trip, and create a tailor-made itinerary that suits your needs.
  • Bring Your Bites: Pack a picnic and indulge in delicious treats while taking in the breathtaking views of Dubai’s coastline. You’re allowed to bring your food and drinks, but leave the cooking to the experts. Fancy a BBQ? you can ask for an electric grill to be provided on board.
  • Don’t Forget Your ID: Make sure to pack your original passport or Emirates ID to avoid any hiccups when boarding your yacht. This mandatory requirement ensures your safety and security.
  • Take the Plunge: Book exhilarating watersports like jet skiing and banana boat rides for an adrenaline-pumping adventure on the water.
  • Capture the Memories: Dubai’s stunning scenery is the perfect backdrop for your Instagram-worthy photos. Don’t forget your camera and charger to snap those unforgettable moments.
  • Groove to the Music: Bring your playlist and create your onboard soundtrack. With a sound system on all yachts, you can groove to your favorite tunes while enjoying the sea breeze.
  • Follow these tips to make the most of your yacht rental experience in Dubai, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

No matter what type of yacht or boat you choose, renting a yacht in Dubai Marina is an unforgettable experience.

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