Azimut 80 Ft. Yacht

Azimut 80 Ft. Yacht

Experience unparalleled sophistication aboard the Azimut 80 ft yacht from TOOT FUN YACHTS. Discover Dubai’s beauty in ultimate luxury with spacious decks, lavish interiors, and world-class amenities. Whether it’s a serene cruise or a glamorous party, create unforgettable memories on this exquisite yacht. Book now for an unmatched yacht rental experience in Dubai.

Azimut 80 Ft. Yacht

1,499 AED / Hour

Watersports only available before 6 PM

(Price Per Meal For 1 Person) (Kabab, Shish Tauok, Lamb Chops, Hummus, Tabbouleh, Fatouch, Pickles, Spicy Potato & Oven Bread)

Available only after 12 PM (Price Per Meal For 1 Person)

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