Book Private Or Share Dinner Cruise in Dubai

Want to enjoy a romantic candlelit dinner on a private yacht in Dubai with your significant other? With Toot Fun Yachts, impress your friends and family with a fantastic sea-front dinner on private yacht rentals in Dubai. We offer a range of yachts and boats. You can go for a romantic couple’s dinner on a private yacht, or a private yacht dinner party from sunset to midnight on one of our luxurious watercraft. We can seat any number of guests ranging from 10 to 500!

Book a dinner on a private yacht in Dubai for a luxurious experience

Dubai is the yachting capital of the Middle East and we are proud of it! At Toot Fun Yachts, we take your tour experience up a notch with delectable Arabic cuisine, breathtaking skylines, adrenaline-pumping fishing charters, and private yacht dinners!

The yachting adventures in Dubai are unlike any other. And with our licensed captains and trained crew members, you can have a fully hands-off, luxurious cruising experience in Dubai.

Our Exclusive Private Yacht Dinner Services

We have a range of packages for you. You can choose to invite as few as 30-60 people and as many as 500 people to your private yacht dinner party. Here’s what we offer:

  • Catamaran Dinner Cruise – For 200 People

On our Catamaran Dinner Cruise, you can bring as many as 200 people to taste the most delicious seafood and Arabic cuisines with sightseeing opportunities. Watch the skylines light up in front of you while you enjoy soothing – or partying – music! There is personalized food catering, beverage options, and 5-star services.

  • Dubai Yacht Dinner Cruise – For 250 People

Watch the captivating skyline light up in front of you when you’re on the Dubai Yacht Dinner Cruise, which accommodates 250 people comfortably. With delicious Arabic cuisines, beautiful sights, cold beverages, barbeque, and lots of time to unwind and de-stress with friends or family, is there anything else you could want? If there is, we are sure that we can provide it for you!

  • Dhow Dinner Cruise Dubai Marina – For 500 people

The Dhow Dinner Cruise Dubai Marina is our biggest private yacht dinner package. We offer accommodation, barbeque, food catering, drinks, music, and a range of services that go with a cruising adventure – for 500 people!

From a puppet show for children to soothing background music with mouthwatering, fresh barbeque for adults, we’ve got endless 5-star services to help you create memories on Dubai’s glistening waters!

Private Yacht Dinner with Toot Fun Yachts

If you’re looking for a truly fantastic night out with your whole family and group of friends or only your significant other, book dinner on a private yacht with Toot Fun Yachts. Book a private yacht dinner in Dubai with us!

Dhow Marina Dinner Cruise the Best one In dubai Marina and the price Start from 169 AED to 349 AED Per Person
Toot Fun Luxury Dhow Dinner Cruise Dubai Marina includes inernational Buffet and nice showing every day .


Mega Yachts Dinner Cruise the Best Yachts For Dinner Cruise in Dubai The Cost Start From 269 AED to 549 AED per Person.

Dubai Yacht Dinner Cruise

Toot Fun yachts the Best company for Yacht rental with dinner in dubai the price start from 1199 AED for 2 hours .If you want romantic dinner cruise for your lady book with toot fun yachts this package.

Romantic Yacht Dinner

Dubai Dinner cruise take 2 hours.