Lotus Yacht


13,099 AED /hr incl. VAT

Additional information

🚢 Yacht / Boat Size

220 ft

😎 Max Guests

350 Guests

📍 Trip Starting Location

Dubai Marina

🍔 BBQ Machine

Electric Griller Available

🏊‍♂️ Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool Available

🛌 Rooms

11 Rooms

👨‍✈️ Crew

7 Crew

Lotus Yacht Event Charter

Host your event in style on Lotus Yacht, whether it is a corporate or a family event we are ready to start planning now.

Lotus Yacht is suitable for:


If you have any questions about your trip, check our FAQ about the yacht trip in Dubai.

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🆔 Original Passport / Emirates ID is mandatory before boarding.

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