Parasailing Dubai Marina

349 AED incl. VAT per 30 Mins

Parasailing capacity 2 persons maximum 205 kg per couple.
You should book more time if more than 2 persons.
You can share your time with your friends like 15 min every couple or single.
Maximum fly 15 minutes every single flight.

Additional information

📍 Trip Starting Location

Dubai Marina

😎 Max Guests

2 Guests


Parasailing Dubai Marina

Parasailing Dubai Marina, come fulfill your dream to fly in the air this adventurous parasailing activity. It is one of the most recreational activities that offer you adventure and fun at the same time. So, get ready to experience the fun and exciting sport. It’s a fun pastime that allows people of all skill levels and ages to enjoy it. There is no minimum age necessary.

Parasailing bundles with excitement and fun on the beach of Dubai where you are towed behind a boat while attached with a specially designed parachute in the air without the terrifying pressure of falling towards the ground. The parasailing is connected to the boat. The boat then drives off, carrying the passenger into the air.

Our harnesses support up to 205 kg depending on the weather Sailing activity.

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😎 Rider has to be above 16 years old and under 60 years old
👨‍👦 Guests under 16 have to ride with a guardian and be above 6 years old.
🤰 Pregnant women over six months are not allowed.
🤕 You are personally responsible for any consequences of accidents or damage caused by not following rules and instructions
👩‍👩‍👦‍👦 Number of guests includes children of all permitted ages
🆔 Original Passport / Emirates ID is mandatory before boarding
⌛ No water sports allowed after 6:00 pm as per UAE coast guard regulations

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