Mega Yacht Brunch Party Dubai

Mega Yacht Brunch Party Dubai

Experience ultimate luxury on Mega Yacht Brunch Party in Dubai. Book now for a 4-hour trip filled with sumptuous feasts, and endless options.

Trip Boarding Time: 2:00 PM

Trip Sailing Time: from 3:00 PM till 6:00 PM every Saturday and Sunday

Mega Yacht Brunch Party Dubai

219 AED / Person

Beer – Wine – Spirits | Price Per Person

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Experience the Ultimate Luxury: Mega Yacht Party in Dubai

If you’re looking for the ultimate luxury experience in Dubai, look no further than a Mega Yacht Party. Sail through the Arabian Gulf and take in the stunning views of iconic landmarks like the Burj Al Arab and Atlantis the Palm on Palm Jumeirah Island. The Mega yacht offers the perfect venue for a memorable party or celebration.

Indulge in Five-Star Brunch on a Mega Yacht in Dubai

The Mega yacht also offers a lavish brunch experience that you won’t forget. With a sumptuous feast featuring handpicked dishes from every cuisine, you can enjoy unlimited and free-flowing soft drinks while tapping your feet to the choreographed movements of the chefs. The brunch cruise lasts three hours.

Discover the Incredible Amenities of the Megayacht

The Megayacht boasts incredible amenities that will keep you and your guests entertained throughout the trip. From a massive swimming pool and six hot tubs to an air-conditioned lounge and an open-air lounge with space for 200 guests, there’s something for everyone on this three-story boat. Plus, with 11 private cabins, you can take a break from the festivities whenever you need to.

Tips for Enjoying the Mega Yacht Brunch Party in Dubai

To make the most of your Mega Yacht Brunch Party experience, it’s best to be barefoot or wear soft-soled shoes to avoid scuffing the boat’s surface. Dress appropriately for the occasion and don’t forget to bring your hat, shades, and sunscreen. Pay attention to the safety briefing before setting sail, and keep a close eye on small children. Finally, plan your trip for the winter months or after sunset during the summer to avoid the heat.

Yacht Share Tour Dubai: An Affordable Way to Experience Luxury

Discover the joys of a Yacht Share Tour Dubai, the perfect solution for those seeking a taste of luxury without breaking the bank. These shared tours provide an opportunity to enjoy the opulence of a mega yacht, while splitting the costs with fellow passengers. Embark on a memorable journey, exploring Dubai’s iconic landmarks, and savoring delicious cuisine in the company of like-minded individuals. Experience the grandeur of a yacht tour, all at a fraction of the price, and create unforgettable memories in the City of Gold.