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Fly Fish Ride Dubai

Fly Fish Ride Dubai

Fly Fish Ride Dubai is an inflatable rubber boat pulled by a speedboat in order to rise in the air. Enjoy a unique view of Dubai from the air.

  • Fly Fish capacity is 2 persons.
  • If there are more than 2 persons every couple will take turns every 30 mins.
  • The maximum flight time is 30 minutes for every single flight.

Fly Fish Ride Dubai

299 AED / 30 mins

Our Fly Fish start at 299 AED to 599 AED per 30 minutes—the lowest price you’ll find anywhere.

Fly Fish Ride Toot Fun Yachts range in size For 2 persons

The best spot for A Fly Fish is Dubai Marina, the front of JBR is the best spot for A Fly Fish because the water is perfect for playing. for booking: Call +971544400441.