Fly Board Dubai

Fly Board Dubai

Fly Board Dubai is a machine that allows propulsion underwater and in the air. You will be able to take off from the water. Using the Fly board is very intuitive it is like learning to walk.

  • Fly Board capacity is 1 person.
  • If there are more than 1 person everyone will take turns every 30 mins.
  • Pregnant women cannot use flyboard .
  • The allowed ages on flyboard are above 16 years and under 60 years old.

Fly Board Dubai

349 AED / 30 mins

Our Flyboard Rental start at 349 AED to 499 AED per 30 Minutes—the lowest price you’ll find anywhere.

Flyboard Rental Toot Fun Yachts range in size from one person .

The best spot for Flyboard is Dubai Marina, the front of JBR is the best spot for Flyboard because the water is perfect for playing.

Yes You have to wear it as Coastguard regulations .